Craig was just a regular guy looking for a flatmate at 79A Aickman Road in Colchester, when the Doctor showed up at his door with £3,000 and took the room.

At first Craig didn't mind his new tenant's peculiarities, but he eventually began to get irritated by how easy everything seemed to come for the Doctor. Whether it was playing on his soccer team or taking over his role at work, the Doctor seemed to be better at it. Even Craig's wannabe girlfriend, Sophie, appears to be warming up to the intrusive Time Lord.

Unbeknownst to Craig, however, the Doctor has actually been investigating strange readings that have been coming from the flat above Craig's. Eventually, Craig learns the entire truth about the Doctor and helps him stop the abduction and killing of innocent people in the neighborhood. Along the way, the Doctor manages to get Craig and Sophie to admit their feelings for each other. The Doctor leaves them, apparently happy, and making plans together.

Some time later, the Doctor once again shows up in Craig's life. This time Cybermen are abducting shoppers at a nearby department store and converting them. Craig is all too willing to help, but he is now a new father, and he has been left on his own to care for his child while Sophie is away.

Turns out, Craig's love for his son, or as he prefers to be called, Stormageddon, is the key to stopping the whole Cybermen infiltration. His son's cries give Craig the strength to resist the cyber conversion process and give the Doctor the chance to finish the mechanical men off.

With the day saved once again, the Doctor leaves Craig to go back to his normal life and his new family.