Let's kill Hitler


Rory and Amy lure the Doctor back to earth in the middle of a crop circle to find out if he has found their child. The Doctor barely has time to tell them he is still searching, before a young woman suddenly appears before them. Her name is Mels and apparently she has been Amy's best friend since they were little, and knows all about Amy's Raggedy Doctor. Unfortunately, Mels has always been a bit of a troublemaker, as she is presently being chased by police and is desperate to escape. Pulling a gun on the Doctor, Mels demands to be taken somewhere else in time. "Let's kill Hitler," She says.

Thanks to Mels, the TARDIS ends up crashing into Hitler's office just in time to stop a time traveling, shape-shifting, mechanical man controlled by tiny humans inside, from killing Hitler. In the confusion, Hitler fires off a few rounds from his gun before being unceremoniously shoved in a closet. Unfortunately one of those shots has fatally wounded Mels.

To all of their surprise, Mels promptly begins to regenerate into who we now know as River Song. Apparently Mels was Amy and Rory's daughter Melody all this time, and Melody has been trained to do one thing - kill the Doctor. It isn't long before The recently changed Mels/River makes several attempts to kill the Doctor. He thwarts each attempt in turn, yet lets her get in a kiss that turns out to have been with lips laced with a deadly poison. The Doctor knows he has just been killed as Mels/River jumps out the window to escape. Amy and Rory go after her as the Doctor tries to come up with some way to save himself.

The crew in the mechanical man discover that one of the most notorious criminals in the universe is present in this time. Their mission is to serve justice upon some of the greatest criminals in history who otherwise did not have to pay for their crimes, and apparently River has never paid for her crime of one day killing the Doctor. The crew decide to pursue River and along the way use a shrinking ray on Rory and Amy and transport tjhem inside the mechanical man to join the crew.

As River goes on a bit of a rampage, the mechanical man takes on Amy's form and approaches River. The TARDIS appears and an obviously ailing Doctor emerges to try and prevent the justice seeking crew from torturing River with a beam of light. Amy and Rory manage to stop the crew torturous beam from inside the mechanical man, but now they are in danger themselves from internal security droids. The nearly incapacitated Doctor begs River to help him help her mother and father.

Just as Amy and Rory are about to be killed, the TARDIS suddenly appears around them and saves them. Apparently River has flown the TARDIS to rescue her parents, but the Doctor is still dying on the floor where she left him. Seeing the sacrifice the Doctor is willing to make, and how much he means to her parents, River uses the remainder of her regenerative ability to bring the Doctor back to life. The Doctor, Amy and Rory leave River at a hospital to recuperate and get on with her life. Meanwhile, the trio continue on their journey still in the dark about who had kidnapped River and brainwashed her, but determined to find out.