Planet of Fire


A strange signal from Earth draws the TARDIS to the island of Lanzarote. While the Doctor tries to track the source of the signal, his companion Turlough rescues a young girl, Peri, from drowning. She is holding an artefact made from platinum bearing a strange symbol - the same symbol that Turlough himself carries on his arm, branded into the flesh...

It is the artefact that is emitting the signal, leading them all to the planet Sarn, a world ravaged by volcanoes and yet holding the secret of eternal life. But an old foe of the Doctor's is desperate for this elixir, and will stop at nothing to gain it.

What is Turlough's link to the artifact? What is the nature of Sarn's mythical god, Logar, and how is it linked to the ruined spaceship crashed on a mountainside? As age-old systems of belief begin to break down, will anyone escape from the planet of fire with their life?